Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Season of Giving

The holidays are in full swing and it is the season of giving. Tonight I gave $135 to our local locksmith.

Adam and I finished wrapping gifts for his parents, sister, and my mom to send off to Vermont this afternoon. We gathered all the gifts and hurried out the door to head for the local UPS pack and ship. As we walked out of the house, I pulled the door closed behind me and a nano second before it latched I said " the keys???"


Adam looked at me stumped and said ""

Holding gifts under one arm, I rummaged through my purse in futile hope of locating a spare set of house keys. I have receipts from 2007, a sharpie, hair pins, lipstick, my wallet, a spare pair of earrings (there they are!), our key card that was never returned to the front desk of Turtle Bay Resort AND Treasure Island, and a match book from some random restaurant, but no spare keys. Adam attempted to pick our lock with one of my hair pins but proved himself to be a poor locksmith. I guess he'll never manage a B&E after all.

After the failed attempt with the hair pin (that promptly broke off in the lock....Goody Hair Supply Inc will be receiving a letter), we walked to a near-by coffee shop to locate a phone book and a qualified locksmith. The estimated wait was 25 minutes.

90 minutes later they arrived and successfully let us in...within 5 mins using nothing more than some lubricant spray, a tension wrench and a lock pick. I am now in fear of this man...let us all pray that he will not return to loot our house on his day off. I might as well leave the doors unlocked. Seriously, this guy got into my house quicker than I get into a box of Girl Scout Samoas. All this for $135. What a bargain! This is the price of stupidity, people.

Has anyone seen my brain lately? I am seriously considering stapling a spare key to my forehead after this.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Can someone explain to me why if one single bulb on a strand of Christmas lights goes out, the entire strand is deemed useless until the initial culprit is located and replaced??

One bulb goes out....and THEN THEY ALL GO OUT!!!

This happened on a strand I used outside. A strand of 350 lights. Luckily, I was able to locate the bum bulb and saved my strand. Unfortunately, this didn't work out so well on FOUR OTHER STRANDS.


Now it is nearly 11pm on a Thursday and I am going out to walmart to buy four more strands of lights for my tree.

If you've ever wondered who goes to Walmart at nearly midnight on a weekday. Here's your answer.

People like me.